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Concrete Casting Project

 Concrete Casting Project

1.1    Project Specification.

a.    Overview.
Casting is one very important job, because the biggest part of the structure of Graha building Project consists of concrete. In casting work that needs to be considered is sufficient compaction.

b.    Data Sheet.
Concrete Quality: K300 (Building Structures)
: K-225 (Pile Cap)
: K-400 (Ramp Structure)

c.    Tools
No    Material    Capacity    Amount
1.    Batching Plant    20-25 m3/hours    1 set
2.    Concrete pump    30 m3/hours    1 unit
3.    Concrete Vibrator        4 units
4.    Truck Mixer    5 m3    4 units
5.    Slump test tool        2 units

1.2    Metodology
1.2.1 Detail of Basement Floor Plate Project.
a. Preparation at the Project Site
Preparation at the project site as a casting include:
•    Iron and begisting, has been installed properly according to shop drawings and have been inspected according to Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) is applicable and approved by the Consultant Supervisor / Management.
•    Curing Compound

b. Preparation of Manpower
•    Site Engineer: 1 person
•    Ass. Engineer: 2 people
•    Concrete Pump Operator: 1 person
•    Ass. CP Operator: 2 personnel
•    Vibrator labour: 2 personnel
•    Unskill Labour: 5 personnel
Workers must be ready all before casting begins.

c. Preparation of equipment
•    Concrete vibrator: 2 sets
•    Concrete pump: 1 unit
•    Equipment lighting (if needed)
Always carried out by a mechanic prior to control foundry process and during the casting process.
1.2.2 Casting
Once the preparation is completed, the exercise of casting can be implemented with the following stages:
1.    Preparation of Concrete Pump placement.
2.    Concrete Batching Plant Production in accordance with the job mix / mix trial agreed in advance.
•    Batching Plant Capacity: 25 m3/hr
      3.  The production of fresh concrete is loaded into the truck mixer.
•    Truck mixer Capacity: 5 m3
•    Charging time: 5 / 25 x 60 = 12 minutes
4.  The results of concrete production slumpnya checked before leaving the project       site.
5.  Mixer truck to the location of the project to be casted by road umum.Beton be used is concrete (Readymix).
6.  When arriving at the project site Truck Mixer Concrete Pump has been prepared on the position.
7.  Tremi (if required) is installed at the place to be in the cast.
8. Compaction is done by not attaching the steel reinforcing concrete vibrator and with enough time.
9.  Finished casting, concrete dicuring using compound.
    10. To erect formwork structure can be opened 24 hours after pengecoran. For begisting   horizontal structures (slabs and beams) was opened after 10 days.

by: Apriliyanto N.A


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