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Basement Floor Plate Project

Basement Floor Plate Project

1.1    Project Specification.
a.    Overview.
Basement Works especially for excavation and molding is one of the critical job, due to the excavation should be considered in order not to affect the safety environment and the work can be run smoothly, and for casting because of differences in the material.

b.    Equipment.
    Excavator: 2 units
    Water Pump: 4 units
    Tower cranes: 1 unit
    Tool welding: 1 set
    Genset: 1 unit
    Truck mixer
    Dump Truck
    Other tools

c.    Materials
    Concrete K-300
    Concrete with a mix of admixture as integral water proofing
    Begisting precast concrete with 7 cm thickness
    Concrete K-175 for flooring
    Blocks as begisting
    Board 3 / 20 and the beam 5 / 12 as a plaster for excavation elevation difference
    Sand and stone to heap
    iron plate
    Steel sheet pile

1.2    Metodology
1.2.1 Detail of Basement Floor Plate Project.
    To simplify the implementation and efficiency, then the Basement work are divided into several stages below:

Stage I
    Site Preparation.
    Surveying the area.
    Security excavation with steel sheet pile and secant wall pile
    Setting up tunnels and pumps for dewatering (channel length and the number of pumps in operation adapted to the stage of the work)

Stage II
1.    Do excavation for the entire area with a depth of -5.4 m (bottom elevation of pile cap). Please note the following points:
    During excavation dewatering remedy continues to prevent puddles of water on the excavation. At this stage the amount of water pumps used is 4 units.
    For the base, use coconut tree trunk so that excavators can only move forward and backward
2.    Creating a working floor for the pile cap (thickness 20 cm)
3.    Install a precast concrete begisting for pile cap with a thickness of 7 cm. When installing the precast concrete begisting require:
    Welding of steel pile that connects the floor work with begisting.
    Welding iron plate that connects between the segments of precast concrete begisting
4.    For the bottom elevation of other structural elements (Ground Beam and Plate) more shallow than pile cap covered by using the sand material or stone.
5.    Install begisting to Ground beam of brick block.
6.    Creating a work floor to the basement floor plate.
7.    Do casting with several stages as follows:
Stage 1:
Do casting pile cap up to bottom boundary Ground elevation beam (K-300).
Stage 2:
Do casting pile cap and ground beam to the limits of the basement floor elevation of the bottom plate (K-300).
Stage 3:
Do casting floor plate with integral water proofing material.

    1.2.2. Personnel.
        To achieve best result, the following are the list of personnel for this project.
    Site Engineer: 1 personnel
    Ass. Engineer: 2 personnel
    Excavator Operator: 2 personnel
    Dump truck driver: 1 personnel
    Truck mixer driver: 1 personnel
    Welders
    Skilled labour
    Rough labour
All workers must be ready before this project begins.

by: Alim B.K fox


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